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Tailles de machine virtuelle (General purpose)

Les tailles de machine virtuelle à usage général assurent un ratio processeur/mémoire équilibré. Idéal pour le test et le développement, les bases de données petites à moyennes et les serveurs web au trafic faible à moyen. Cet article fournit des informations sur les produits informatiques à usage général. Les machines virtuelles de la série Av2 peuvent […]

Microsoft Azure: Microsoft’s cloud computing platform

What is Microsoft Azure? Having originally been announced in 2008, Azure was officially released in 2010 and offers a range of cloud services, such as compute, analytics, storage and networking. The Azure platform helps businesses manage challenges and meet their organisational targets. It provides tools that support all industries such as e-commerce, finance and a […]

What is Azure Network Watcher?

Azure Network Watcher provides tools to monitor, diagnose, view metrics, and enable or disable logs for resources in an Azure virtual network. Network Watcher is designed to monitor and repair the network health of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) products which includes Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, Application Gateways, Load balancers, etc. Note: It is not intended for and […]

Introducing Azure Dedicated Host

We are excited to announce the preview of Azure Dedicated Host, a new Azure service that enables you to run your organization’s Linux and Windows virtual machines on single-tenant physical servers. Azure Dedicated Hosts provide you with visibility and control to help address corporate compliance and regulatory requirements. We are extending Azure Hybrid Benefit to Azure […]